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Rampipes - Trumpets

Pipercross ram pipe trumpets smoothly get all the air your engine needs into the carburettor or throttle body.

Each ram pipe incorporates a full roll back lip and 8 degree incline wall, this design helps to prevent spit back/stand off.

Ram pipes are available in silver, red or blue.

Application 30mm  35 mm 45 mm 50 mm 60 mm 65 mm 75 mm
40 DCOE W4030 W4045 W4060
45 DCOE W4530 W4545 W4560
HS2 1.25" HS230 HS245
HS4 1.50" HS430 HS445
HIF44 1.75" HF4430 HF4445 HF4460
HS6 1.75" HS650 HS665
40 DHLA D4030 D4045 D4060
45 DHLA D4530 D4545 D4560
45 DHLA D4835 D4875