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PX600 Filter

PX600 - the high performance air filter for twin side draught carburettors and throttle bodies. Designed for both competition and road use, the PX600 is available for Delloro DHLA, Weber DCOE and DCO/SP Carburettors as well as Weber Alpha, Jenvey throttle bodies and other custom applications.

The performance air filter is supported internally by an expanded metal cage, the base plate is available separately and made in aluminium.

NOTE - Always fit the largest filter possible and ensure that there is a minimum of 19mm between the trumpet mouth and the inner face of the filter.

Part no. Length (A) Width (B) Height (C) Internal Height BHP Rating
Domed Filter
C602D 435 mm 190 mm 90 mm 65 mm 220
C603D 435 mm 190 mm 120 mm 90 mm 230
C604D 435 mm 190 mm 150 mm 125 mm 290
Box Filter
C6001 435 mm 190 mm 40 mm 25 mm 210
C6002 435 mm 190 mm 55 mm 40 mm 230
C6003 435 mm 190 mm 80 mm 65 mm 250
C6004 435 mm 190 mm 115 mm 100 mm 300
Base Plate
C6006 Blank