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Carbon Rat og gearknop

Reverie Carbon steering wheels and gearknobs

These carbon fibre steering wheels with hollow rims and spokes and a solid centre are manufactured using advanced aerospace and motorsport techniques. Consequently they are the stiffest and lightest steering wheels commercially available. A lightweight steering wheel is important as it reduces inertia on a vehicle's steering system. Combined with the improved stiffness a driver gets far better feedback and response from the vehicle's steering system when using one of our steering wheels. Weighing as little as 270 grams, the ReVerie wheels are typically more than 750 grams lighter than the lightest aluminium rimmed wheels. The steering wheels have been tested to FIA 2001 safety standards and pass. It should be noted that these steering wheels are intended for use on track cars only. A wide range of wheels are available to suit all purposes and can be supplied with momo, raid, 3hole 50mm PCD or undrilled centres.

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