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Hockenheim filterbox

Suitable for horizontal or vertical intakes, the 'Hockenheim' range is suitable for anything from a small four cylinder engine to a large V12. These airboxes come in a range of lengths and depths and are normally trimmed down to the required height. A 20mm deep base box can be used if the box is trimmed square, alternatively a flat backplate can be supplied ready for drilling to suit the engine in question. 'Snorkels' can be bonded onto either side or the flat end of the airbox to allow connection to a 'Foam Air Filter' or 'Remote Air Filter Canister' via 'Micropore Ducting'. Alternatively, where sufficient space is available within the airbox, 'Trumpet Socks' can be used instead of a remote filter. ReVerie also offers a special backplate for the 'Hockenheim' designed to fit Vauxhall XE engines, featuring an integral 75 or 100mm entry.

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